About Us


Triia at its core is an e-consignment platform for selling Native American Produced goods, art and crafts.  The purpose and goal of the program is to elevate and showcase the talents that our Native producers have.  We want to provide a platform where an artist would have the ability to promote their work on a regional, national, and international marketplace, which would in turn support the growth and global competitiveness of Native American enterprises.  We are not buying the goods but offering a place for current producers that have inventory and are looking for an additional place to sell their products.  We will inventory the goods here at NADC and complete all the selling and shipping here as well.

The platform, with supporting programming to build on cultural strengths, will address unique challenges faced by Native entrepreneurs, and improve economic and social development for Native American individuals and communities. Entrepreneurs will have access to a supportive network of tools and resources to accelerate and increase the number and success of private sector Native-owned businesses, both on and off-reservation.

Triia is proudly owned by Native American Development Corporation (NADC) a 501 c(3) .  NADC is a hub for American Indian businesses, NADC provides technical assistance, financial lending opportunities, and champions small businesses and tribes in order to empower Indian communities toward economic and social stability.  NADC has been established since 1996 serving Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota. http://www.nadc-nabn.org/


This project is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Minority Business Development Agency.