We are

Who we art

The Triia mission is to elevate and showcase the talents of Native American artists.

We provide a platform where Native artists can promote their work on a regional, national, and international marketplace, which in turn supports the growth and global competitiveness of Native American enterprises.

What we art

Triia’s Native artists are skilled in traditional methods, modern reinterpretations, and classic Native American craft.

All forms of art are welcome! To stay true to our mission, our website admirers, supporters and shoppers get the assurance that the art they buy is made by an authentic Native American artist, each with their own story to share.

How we art

We are ever-evolving, just like art, to provide more ways to share our Native culture and give back to the community.

Triia is a platform where Native artists can promote their work and connect with each other. We continue to strive for the best features, learn from what works and what doesn’t, and give our artists new opportunities to grow their business through education and exposure.

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