Bree Deputee

Honey Beads

Shoodah, balashe Ammashiche Itchiish huuk. Pevehe e’šeevehe, na hehe šehe vehe vehna amee’ehne. Hello! My name is Bree Deputee, and I proudly come from the Tsistsis’tsa (Northern Cheyenne), Apsaalooke (Crow), and Hunkpapha (Lakota) people. I am the mother of a beautiful two-year-old baby girl, and my family and I live in Billings, MT. I love to fill my days creating things from nothing, whether it be jewelry, art, food, regalia, or writing. I like to pull inspiration from nature, family designs, historical artifacts and beadwork from all three tribes I belong to, contemporary art, and anything else I find beauty in in the world. I had never given myself much time to fully delve into my own creativity, and seeing the world through the lens of motherhood has given me rejuvenated motivation to project beauty and positivity into the world. It is so important to me to carry on the knowledge, resilience, and elegance of indigenous artistry and craftsmanship to not just my children, but future generations in general. We are so blessed as Native people to come from such a rich tapestry of indigenous art in all facets of our culture, material and intangible, and we must do everything we can to preserve it for our descendants. I am blessed to have been born into a family that taught cultural values and skills from a young age, and I feel that I have a responsibility to teach to those willing to learn. Besides creating, I love to learn about history, other cultures, culinary arts, parenting, psychology, and spirituality. Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bit about me, and I hope to make something beautiful for you! Hinne baape itchiik, aho gaashii, nea’eše, thank you!