Danette Standing

Danette Standing

Style: Handcrafted Heritage 🌾 Each Standing Rattle piece is an homage to my indigenous roots and my grandmother Shirley.

Tribe: Assiniboine, Nakota, Lakota

Danette Standing

Standing Rattle

Standing Rattle is owned and operated by Danette Standing in Livingston, Montana.

Danette is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck tribes located in northeast Montana. She lived on the reservation for about 20 years before moving to different parts of Montana including Billings, Bozeman and she currently resides in Livingston. She hopes to return to her reservation one day to keep the family homestead alive.

Danette uses copper because of a love for Intaglio printmaking and from time to time you will find etched copper pieces available for purchase as wearable art. Materials you can find incorporated with the copper are seed beads, porcupine quills, antler, mirrors, and leather. Danette also loves the way copper changes over time depending on its environment.

A notable artist in the family is William Standing who was well know for his oil paintings of true life pictures that portrayed the more serious side of life and the struggle to conform to a non Native American way. He was also known for his humorous pen and ink sketches that were mostly printed as postcards and can still be found floating around on eBay. The name Standing Rattle comes from William’s father.