Joanne Brings Thunder

Joanne Brings Thunder LLC

I’m an artist, designer and architect gone rouge who is surrounded by great friends, family, nature, animals, culture and tradition. I am an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Shoshone located in central Wyoming, USA. on The Wind River Indian Reservation. My story…it’s is not different from anyone else’s, only my experiences are unique to me. I’ve been ” making things ” all my life; drawing as early as I can remember and learning to bead and sew at around age 5 with my grandmother, renowned Shoshone artist and culture bearer, Eva McAdams. (National Endowment for the Arts – National Heritage Fellow -1996). Shoshone society is traditionally matriarchal and I’m truly blessed to have been greatly influenced by my maternal grandmother, my mom and our deep matrilineal line of extraordinary Shoshone women … all who have stood on the shoulders of those before us to create and share our love of traditional and contemporary Shoshone arts & crafts with each other. We take great pride in teaching our younger generations, especially our daughters, I’m proud to say that my two daughters both know how to do beadwork and are both developing their own styles of art. I’m also immensely grateful that, I was one of those lucky daughters. My family has always supported and encouraged my desire to follow my creative heart and path. I’m incredibly humbled and thankful to be living a creative life.