John Three Fingers

Medicine Bird Artwork

I’m located in Lame Deer, MT and have been producing art for 6 years. I started with Walking/Hiking staffs and canes to full figure wood sculptures, inlaid wood sculptures. I am working with epoxy resin paintings, inlaid signs, stools/end tables. I retired from the Northern Cheyenne Indian Health Service after 20+ years of work history and also due to becoming legally blind. I have always had the ability to produce art but never had the opportunity to create full time until now.

My artwork and inspiration comes from my culture, my family, and many times the grain of the wood reveals a figure that is then sculpted out. I make what my customer base will purchase but would like to reach a larger audience to sell larger pieces. I am in contact with established artists who have agreed to help me with the ins and outs of starting a small business. I am serious about my wish to become a viable business on the reservation, and create a platform to help other artists realize their dreams of a better economy and a better future for their children.