Lola Wippert

Iniskimauki (Buffalostone Woman) Designs

Oki, I am Iniskimauki (Buffalostone Woman) Designs, from the Blackfeet Nation. I live in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in a home seven miles west of Browning at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my partner, Lyle AfterBuffalo. Sewing has been a passion of mine since I started back in the early 1970’s. Growing up, I worked for a short time in my Aunt Nora’s sewing shop, selling fabric and sewing accessories. My love for sewing has given me a wide array of experience in creating with fabric. I was taught to pray as you are doing something for someone, I do this when I pick herbs and when I make my creations. The history of wearing ribbon skirts, is for healing and a healthy life. My focus is more on the traditional ribbon skirt.

There were three important values I’ve learned from my elders when picking plants that I incorporate in making my skirts: (1) Be in prayer; (2) Have a positive attitude and (3) give back. I pray for the wearer of the skirt, her family, relatives, and friends. I sell my skirts mainly through Facebook online sites and I sell some skirts through Etsy.