Whitney Bulltail

Hello My name is Doris Whitney Bulltail. My Indian name is Kálláa Xxíássáa which means “Well Known Grandmother.”

I am a Crow beadwork and moccasin artist. I grew up watching my mother fill beadwork and other craft orders to support our family, and when I became a mom myself, all the memories of helping her with orders came flooding back. I realized that like my mother, I could use my talents as a way to support my own family. I teach my children my knowledge too, so they can tap into their own creative energies while keeping the traditions alive.

I enjoy making moccasins and earring and ponytie sets to accompany them. I began beading when I was ten years old, and I have spent many years perfecting my skills. I create dresses and sets for my children and they always get my very best work. Stylistically, traditional Crow beadwork and colors have influenced my designs, but I also enjoy adding my own modern flair to my work.