Yolanda OldDwarf

Sweet Sage Woman

Sweet Sage Woman is a creation of Yolanda OldDwarf (GoodVoice), a member of the Apsaalooke Nation. Yolanda, born to Julie Kreitzberg and the late Nathan OldDwarf, grew up on the Crow Reservation with her younger twin brothers. When she was four her paternal grandmother Frances Gardner OldDwarf gave her the name Sweet Sage Woman, a name Frances received in the Sundance.
Much like her mother and father Yolanda has always been artistic, whether through drawing, beading or writing, she has always tried to express her perspective of the world.
After the birth of her fourth child, she experienced her worst postpartum depression, from that dark place she began counseling and eventually started to want to live and dream again. Sweet Sage Woman was born then with the intention to share encouragement, empowerment and her tribe’s contemporary designs. Yolanda intends that through her business her customers feel empowered, loved, strong, fearless, centered, alive and grateful. Her previous designs are called “I am Fearless”, “I Love Me”, “Centered,” and “Live” as well as an MMIW line of which proceeds are donated to MMIW USA. Her newest line is called “Gratitude”
Much like her previous lines, this line serves as a reminder, a reminder to be grateful. To have gratitude for everything currently in your life. The gratitude of common everyday blessings, like another sunrise, a warm place to sleep, the ability to walk, talk and breath. Gratitude for the people who mean the world to you, yourself included. Even gratitude for the closed doors and missed opportunities, that have gotten you to where you’re going in life. Gratitude of the everyday common reminds us of our blessings.
It is the core of our happiness and the fuel of a positive life.